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Xiang Fu

Posted by: admin on Feb 23, 2008 - 12:48 AM
Regulate Qi

Pungent, slightly bitter, slightly sweet and neutr

Liver and tripe jiao

1. To promote the free flow of qi in the liver; 2. To regulate menstruation and stop pain

1.Qi stagnation in the liver manifested as costal pain and stifling sensation in the chest. Cyperus tuber (Xiang Fu) is used with Bupleurum root (Chai Hu), Curcuma root (Yu Jin) and White peony root (Bai Shao).2. Liver qi attacking the stomach manifested as epigastric and abdominal distension and pain. Cyperus tuber (Xiangfu) is used with costus root (Mu Xiang), Citrou (Xiang Yuan) and Finger citron (Fo Shou).3.Cold and qi stagnation in the stomach. Cyperus tuber (Xiangfu) is used with Galangal rhizome (Gao Liang Jiang) in the formula Liang Fu Wan.4. Cold stagnation in the liver meridian manifested as painful swelling of testicles of scrotum. Or hernia. Cyperus tuber (Xiangfu) is used with Fennel fruit (Xiao Hui Xiang) and Lindera root (Wu Yao).5. Qi stagnation in the liver manifested as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and distension and pain in the breasts. Cyperus tuber (Xiangfu) is used with Bupleurum root (Chaihu), Chinese angelica root (Dang Gui) and Chuan Xiong rhizome (Chuanxing).


Xiang Fu

Image of herb: Xiang Fu
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