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Child anorexia is one of the syndromes of disorder of digestive function, the core symptoms include poor appetite, decline of appetite, and refusing to take meals, it is one of the commonly seeing paediatric diseases. Needling Si Feng points is the traditional therapy using three edged needle, evident result is obtained when this method is used. There exist 246 patients who are 2 to 12 years old, using semi-random control test, the patients are divided into 3 groups, 80 patients in Group A, 86 patients in Group B, 80 patients in contrast group. As for Group A, the needling Si Feng Points is applied, 1 time per week, 3 times are one course. As to Group B, the method is used as Group A's, 1 time every two weeks, 3 times are one course. For the contrast group, giving Lacidophilin Tablets, 1-2 tables each time, 3 times per day, oral taking, 4 weeks are one course.

Result: the effects of Group A and B are superior to the contrast groups, there is significant difference.

Key words: Si Feng Points, Child Anorexia

Writer: Hua Fan, WenKai Zou, JiXun Xu, XiaoHong Wei, Shi Wei Zhou, TieXiang Gao, Li Gao
Paediatrics, Huangshi City TCM Hospital, Hubei Province (350002)
Pharmaco-laboratory, Hubei Province TCM College


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