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Traumatology and Orthopedics

36 Cases include 16 male and 20 female; ages from 18 to 71 years old; duration from 45 days to 4 years. Treatment method: select A-shi point, Zhouliao (LI12) (Zhouliao (LI12)). Extract prednisolone acetate 2ml with syringe, 2% lidocaine 2ml, Dang Gui Injecting Fluid 2ml for mixture, make ordinary sterilization. Inject 3ml mixture fluid into A-shi point and Zhouliao (LI12). Use Shou Zhan San (Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Yan Hu Suo, Xiang Fu with each 10g, Wu Ling Zhi 15g, mix then grind) with wine, then use externally on the diseased area, bandage and fix. Once a week, 2 times is one treatment course. Observe effect after one course. Result: 30 cases cured; 6 effective; total effective rate is 100%.

Key words: External Humeral Epicondylitis, Points Injection and External Use of Herbs

Writer: Aiguo Ma, Fujun Luo, Aihua Ma, Deli Zhang
Changji Center Hospital, Huoqiu County, Anhui (237441)


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