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Gynecology and Obstetrics

With the purpose of exploring the impact of moxibustion of Sanyinjiao (SP6) on regular birth process and the safety of mother and infant, we selected 174 primiparas with single-cephalic as the research objects, single-blind sampling and randomly sampling were used for dividing the objects into three groups: acupoint group (59 cases), non-acupoint group (57 cases), blank group (58 cases). When the cervix opens to the size of 2-3 cm, the acupoint group applies multi-functional moxibustion device to moxibustion on SP6, the non-acupoint group uses moxibustion device to moxibustion on non-acupoints, the time length for moxibustion is 30 minutes, the blank group only employs regular birth process treatment, the three groups are compared for the first active phase of delivery, the second phase of delivery, the third phase of delivery, and difference of maternal and child safety.

Conclusion: moxibustion of SP6 may help shorten the birth process, reduce the postpartum bleeding, and has not adverse reactions on the safety of maternal and child.

Key words: Moxibustion, SP6, birth process, maternal and child treatment, safety

Writer: Zihuan Jin, Pan Zhang, Shuxiang Ma
Nursing faculty and TCM factulty, Hebei United University, Tangshan 063000


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