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Chinese Meridian Health Analysis System

Chinese Meridian Health Analysis System involves traditional Chinese medicine, bioinformatics, electronics etc that brings a high technology and new idea. It is based on meridian theory of TCM, detects bioelectric current of meridians and points, makes analysis ( Meridian Health Analysis System tests Yuan-Primary points of twelve meridians and gets result ), evaluates health status, and then gives report including graph for dysfunction of internal organs.


Speciality: many medical experts take long time clinical research to design this system with very large number of data information

Fast: using only 5 minutes to test health, based on meridian theory of TCM, combined with modern medical technology and computer technique.

Accurate: accuracy ratio is above 90%, system database is proved by large number of clinical authentication..

Advanced: it can detect the change of bioelectricity information of meridians in order to early prevent illness before illness occurrence.

Simple: easy operating, we can master technique of detection by short time training.

Convenience: test at any time and any place.

Safe: be harmless for body.

Power supply way: This apparatus does not need external power, its power supply is totally from USB of computer.

Software Language: English or Chinese

1: Rapid help doctor to make diagnosis.
2: Objectively compare medical result before and after treatment.
3: Gradually increase income of clinic (now, each time analysis fee costs 50 to 100 USD).
Family: Examine body health of you and your family member at any time.


IBM PC/486 or higher computer
32MB RAM or more
40MB hard drive disk space
Microsoft Windows 9X/2000/NT/XP/Windows 7

Video Demo:

You can download the video of Chinese Meridian Health Analysis System to see how to use it.

One set includes instrument, software in English and softdog
Price: 399 USD including free air mail

 Purchese Meridian Analysis from PayPal (secure) shipping required
Meridian analysis Meridian analysis
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