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Gynecology and Obstetrics

There are 100 patients who have menstruation postponed in this group. All the patients had detailed examination of gynecologic, they have no whole body or local organic disease. 43 cases belong to the type of cold blockage and qi stasis, 27 cases have liver stasis and qi stagnation, 13 cases have liver-kidney yin deficiency, 14 cases have qi-blood deficiency, 3 cases have phlegm-damp blockage. The ingredients of stagnation releasing and menstruation promotion decoction: Wu Zhu Yu 6g, Chai Hu and Chuan Xiong 9g respectively, Dang Gui, Dan Shen, Yan Hu Suo, Chi Chao 12g, prepared Xiang Fu, Niu Xi 15g respectively. Adjust the dosage according to the syndrome. Decoction taking method: according to the treatment or taking 3 days before menstruation. One decoction per day, stop taking when the menstruation is coming. Taking Wu Ji Bai Feng Pills or Liu Wei Di Huang Pills 3 days after menstruation for 20 days, this is one treatment course. The patient generally needs 2-3 courses. Result: the total effective rate is 93%.

Key words: Stagnation Releasing and Menstruation Promotion Decoction, Menstruation Postponed

Writer: Yaping Lai
Department of TCM gynecology, Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province (558000)


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