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Internal Medicine

It is realized that the effect is unsatisfactory when we treating refractory hypertension using traditional measures including calming the liver to stop the wind, nourishing Yin to suppress Yang, strongly tranquilizing and calming the adverse-rising energy. Based on the theory of syndrome differentiation, applying the method like relieving toxicity and clearing heat always achieves better effect. Simultaneously, employing the herbal decoctions consist of Lian Qiao, Zhi Zi, Huang Qin, Bai Hua She She Cao, Xia Ku Cao, Lian Zi Xin, Xuan Shen, Zhi Mu, Huang Bai etc on the basis of common west medicine treatment, the side-effect of west medicine often can be relieved, the effect of decompression from west medicine may be enhanced, furthermore, the occurrence of cardiovascular disease caused by hypertension could be protected or reduced.

If the heat symptoms are the main symptoms, such as dizziness and tinnitus, headache and distension, dizziness always caused by fatigue and irritation, serious headache, hectic fever on the face, irritation, insomnia and dreaminess, bitter taste, red tongue with yellow coating, wiry pulse or rapid pulse, the selected prescription is Huang Lian Jie Du Decoction combines with Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Decoction with modification, adding Bai Hua She She Cao, Lian Qiao, Xuan Shen, Ku Shen, Huang Qin, Xia Ku Cao etc.

For the late phase, the key symptoms are revolving around toxicity, the symptoms include dizziness, ceaseless headache, fullness sensation in the chest, chest pain, bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth, tinnitus, red tongue with greasy coating, slippery pulse or deep slow weak pulse. The symptoms   most probably transform from weakness to excess, or there is complications of weakness and excess, which may badly affect heart and kidney. Selecting Si Miao Yong An Decoction combines with Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Decoction with modification, adding Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Chen Xiang, Chuan Xiong if there is stagnation; adding Yan Hu Suo, Chuan Lian Zi if there is qi stasis; adding Gua Lou, Ban Xia, Fu Ling if there is phlegm; adding Nu Zhen Zi, Han Lian Cao if there is Yin deficiency; adding Yin Yang Huo, Tu Si Zi if there is Yang deficiency; adding Huang Jing, Mai Dong, Wu Wei Zi etc if there is QI and Yin insufficiency.

Key words: heat toxicity, Refractory Hypertension

Writer: Li Peng, Junping Zhang
Master, batch 2006, Tianjin TCM University (300193), No.1 affiliated Hospital of Tianjin TCM University


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