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In 62 cases of children's ANFH, 22 on left sides, 36 on right and 4 on both. Etiology: 53 due to traumatic injury on hip joint, 7 maldevelopment on hip joint, 2 large amount of hormone. Treatment method: Shu Di Huang 12g, Shan Yao 30g, Chuan Niu Xi 12g, Chuan Xu Duan 12g, Ze Xie 9g, Huang Qi 12g, Sheng Gan Cao 6g, Shan Zhu Yu 9g, Mu Dan Pi 9g, Wu Jia Pi 9g, Mu Gua 9g, Di Long 9g, Bai Fu Ling 20g. One month is one course. Treatment result: 39 clinically cured, 8 obviously effective, 8 effective, 2 no effect.

Key words: Shu Di Qiang Jin Fang, Children's ANFH

Writer: Mingqian Wang, Changsheng Ma, Linping Shi, Zejin Yang, Zhenglin Li
Pingle Orthopedics and Traumatology Hospital, Shenzhen, Guangdong (518010)


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