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Wu Jia Pi

Posted by: admin on Feb 22, 2008 - 11:13 PM
Dispel Wind-Dampness

Pungent, bitter and warm

Liver and kidney

1. To dispel wind and dampness;  2. To strengthen the thendons and bones; 3. To benefit urination

1. Wind-damp obstruction syndrome manifested as rheumatic pain and spasm of the limbs. Acanthopanax bark (Wu Jia Pi) is used alone or with Clematis root (Wei Ling Xian), Pubescent anglica root (Du Huo), Mulberry twigs (Sang Zhi) and Chaenomeles fruit (Mu Gua).2. Deficient liver and kidney manifested as soreness, weakness and pain in the lumbar region and the knees. Acanthopanax bark (Wujiapi) is used with Eucommia bark (Du Zhong), Cyathula root (Niu Xi), Mulberry mistletoe (Sang Ji Sheng) and Teasel root (Xu Duan).3. Edema. Acanthopanax bark (Wujiaopi) is used with Poria peel (Fulingpi) and Areca nut shell (Da Fu Pi) in the formula Wupi Yin.


Wu Jia Pi

Image of herb: Wu Jia Pi
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