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Internal Medicine

Through vast amount of clinical research, there are systematic TCM treatment methods for lung cancer. Especially, good treatment effect was obtained when we treat the advance lung cancer using method of strengthening spleen and reinforcing kidney in the clinic.

Lung cancer pathogens: weakness and damage of healthy qi, the spleen and kidney are influenced first.
Treatment principle and treatment method: supporting body resistance and to cultivating the essence, emphasizing on the spleen and kidney.
Determining the treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs: strengthening spleen and reinforcing kidney.

The clinical symptoms of the lung cancer include the fullness sensation of stomach area, it becomes worse after meals, poor appetite, fatigue, pale face, or loose stool, digest problem, pale fat tongue with imprints of the teeth on the edges, soggy pulse etc, all the symptoms indicate the weakness of spleen qi, the treatment needs to nourishing qi to invigorate spleen. The prescription is Liu Jun Zi Decoction with modification, the commonly used herbs consist of Huang Qi, Dang Shen, Tai Zi Shen, Fu Ling, raw Yi Yi Ren, Shan Yao, Ji Nei Jin, Bai Bian Dou etc. Beside the herbs for nourishing qi to invigorate spleen, we usually add Bu Gu Zhi, Ba Ji Tian, Hu Lu Ba, Tu Si Zi etc for promoting kidney yang in order to warming kidney and promoting wood, and strengthening the effect of the former.

Overall, spleen-kidney weakness is the essence for the deficiency of healthy QI, it is the essential cause for the occurrence and development of lung cancer, the reason runs through the whole process of lung cancer. Thus, the strengthening spleen and reinforcing kidney is a significant method for the treatment of lung cancer.

Key words: strengthening spleen, reinforcing kidney, lung cancer

Writer: Hailing Chen, Minghua Li,   Instructor: Zhiming Shi
Shang Hai TCM University Affiliated Long Hua Hospital (200032)


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