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Internal Medicine

There are 44 gout arthritis patients with 30 on initial attack; 9 on second time; 5 on many times. Treatment methods: modification of Tong Feng Xiao Yan Fang, basic ingredients of Tong Feng Xiao Yan Fang have Bi Xie 30g, Yi Yi Ren 20g, Fang Ji 10g, Qin Jiao 10g, Mu Gua 10g, Mu Dan Pi 10g, Chuan Niu Xi 10g, Huang Bai 10g, Cang Zhu 10g. Modification: add Ze Lan 10g, Ze Xie 10g, Di Long 15g, Yi Mu Cao 30g for acute stage; add Fu Ling 15g, Zhu Ling 15g, Zu Si Zi 10g, Yin Yang Huo 10g for relieved stage; add pao Chuan Shan Jia 15g for muscle spasm and stiffness; remove Niu Xi and add Sang Zhi 20g for disease on upper limb. 10 days treatment is one course, no western drug for gout during this treatment.
Result: total effective rate is 90.91%.

Key words: Tong Feng Xiao Yan Fang, gout arthritis

Writer: Haibin Huang, Guowei Zheng, Weichan Chen, Miao Fang, Zhen Xiaolin, Yifen Lin
Shantou Central Hospital, Guangdong  (515031)


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