48 Cases of Knee Osteoarthritis KOA Treated by Herbal Fumigating and Massage [1]

Posted by : admin on Aug 11, 2010 - 01:31 PM
Herbal Clinical Practice / Traumatology and Orthopedics [2]

48 cases are treated by herbal fumigating then massage, once a day, 10 days are one treatment course. Herbal fumigating: Dang Gui [3] 20g, Du Zhong [4] 20g, Niu Xi [5] 20g, Gu Sui Bu [6] 20g, ji Xue Teng [7] 25g, Chuan Wu 20g, Xi Xin [8] 15g, Qin Jiu 15g, Fang Ji [9] 15g, Hai Tong Pi [10] 20g, Wei Ling Xian [11] 15g, Mu Gua [12] 15g, Tou Gu Cao 25g, Chi Shao [13] 15g, Ru Xiang [14] 20g, Mo Yao [15] 20g. Fumigating knee joints with 30 minutes. Massage: take supine posture, relax muscle by circular kneading and rolling, plucking tendons of knee, finger pressing Liang Qiu (Liangqiu (ST34) [16]), Du Bi (Dubi (ST35) [17]), Yang Lingquan (Yanglingquan (GB34) He-Sea Point, Influential Point of Tendon [18]), Zu Sanli (Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point [19]), Xue Hai (Xuehai (SP10) [20]) or A-Shi points with 5 to 10 seconds on every point until soreness and distention, then slightly kneading fibula for one minute, let patient try his best to lift up leg, flex knee, make straight of dorsum of foot with 10 to 15 times, massage every time takes 30 minutes. Total effective rate is 91.7%.

Key words: Herbal Fumigating, Massage, Knee Osteoarthritis KOA

Writer: Yong Li
Luquan County TCM Hospital, Yunnan (651500)


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