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Wei Ling Xian

Posted by: admin on Feb 22, 2008 - 08:54 PM
Dispel Wind-Dampness

Pungent, salty and warm

Urinary bladder

1. To dispel wind and damp; 2. To promote the circulation of meridians.

1. Wind-damp obstruction syndrome manifested as rheumatic pain, soreness, Pain and numbness in the joints and motor impairment. Clematis root (Wei Ling Xian) is used with Pubescent angelica root (Du Huo), Mulberry mistletoe (Sang Ji Sheng) and Chinese angelica root (Dang Gui).2.Fish bone stuck in the throat. The decoction of the herb is taken orally with vinegar.

5-10 g

This herb is contraindicated in a person with a weak constitution.

Wei Ling Xian

Image of herb: Wei Ling Xian
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