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Internal Medicine

Since ancient times, the cognition of liver disease is generally “excess in majority and weakness in minority, heat in majority and cold in minority”,  “there is excessive liver Yang and liver Qi, deficient Liver Yin and Liver blood”, less patients have liver Yang deficiency, therefore, warming Yang method is seldom applied. Nevertheless, regarding to the clinical practice, using the eliminating evil measures including clearing heat and relieving toxicity, cooling blood and promoting blood circulation etc may achieve some effect in the beginning phase, however, unsatisfactory treatment effect can be obtained for long term, the disease is easy to recrudesce and be difficult to cure. My experiences in applying warming Yang method for the treatment of liver disease are summarized in the following:

* Warming Yang to remove damp and relieve toxicity method: there are many situations to employ warming and reinforcement method, if we meet patients with symptoms of dampness but no heat, more dampness than heat, and dampness with heat, the method of warming Yang to remove damp and relieve toxicity can be used, the prescription is Huo Pu Xia Ling Decoction adds Wu Zhu Yu and Gui Zhi etc.
* Warming and dissolving cold and damp to relieve jaundice: observing carefully, 80% of chronic hepatitis is Yin type Jaundice, 20% is Yang type Jaundice, which is opposite from the common syndrome differentiation, even for the Yang type Jaundice, we still can add herbs with warm nature in the prescription of clearing heat, the prescription for Yin type Jaundice is selected as Yin Chen Zhu Fu Decoction adds Huang Qi and Gui Zhi etc.

Key words: warming Yang method, liver disease

Writer: Xueyin Zhao
Tai An City TCM Hospital, Shandong Province (271000)


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