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Shang Han Lun

Tianshi Ye who is the famous doctor in Qing dynasty is the creator of theory of seasonal prevalent diseases, he liked to use the methods made by Dr. Zhongjing Zhang, some experience can be learnt from his application of Xiao Jian Zhong Decoction for the treatment of many diseases.
1. Consumption diseases: Tianshi Ye treated consumption diseases, if the patients have middle energizer weakness and damage (main symptoms), or lower energizer or upper energizer damage and affect stomach, or, lower energizer damage influences middle energizer, he loved to use Xiao Jian Zhong Decoction.
2. Cough: the cause of a disease is mainly exertion and internal injury, or unbefitting diet during diseases, or essence damage affects stomach, or original weakness meets disease and is treated by the methods of bitter-cold and subsidence.
3. Hemorrhagic syndrome: the mentioned decoction is employed for the treatment of cough up blood, haematemesis and bloody stool etc.
4. Chills and fever: the symptoms include cold and heat, which does not belong to consumption diseases, Dr. Tianshi Ye also used Jian Zhong Decoction for the treatment.
5. Asthma: fatigue and irritation, lungs “ over elimination of qi, only discharge but no receiving, the qi dispersing causes asthma, sweet herbs is used for “reinforcing wood mother so as to create son”, the Ren Shen Jiang Zhong Decoction is applied without Ginger.
6. Liver disease: referring to the theory “Reinforcing spleen first for liver disease” from Mr. Zhongjing Zhang , using Ren Shen Jian Zhong Decoction.
7. Stomach ache: “Nourishing the nutrient qi (Ying) of middle energizer, apply sweet to relieve it”, using Dang Gui Jian Zhong Decoction.
8. Regulating menstruation: menstruation delay lead to abdominal pain, using Dang Gui Jian Zhong Decoction.
9. Postpartum: the qi and blood, nutrient qi and defensive qi are weak, using Gui Qi Jian Zhong Decoction.
10. Preventing the occurrence and development of diseases.

Key words: Tianshi Ye, Xiao Jian Zhong Decoction, Experienced Application

Writer: Wenbin Sun
Zhe Jiang TCM university (310053)


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