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Internal Medicine

Hiccups is thought to be caused by disorder of food transportation of stomach qi and descending of lung-qi. The causes of syndromes differ in coldness, heat, phlegm, qi, stasis and deficiency. The main treatment is calming hiccups and the most important one is clearing up the qi in diaphragm. Application of prescription: apply Ding Xiang San for coldness; Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang for heat; Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Shi Tang for phlegm; Ding Xing Shi Di Tang for deficiency. There are almost no any records about the hiccups treated with Wen Dan Tang. The 9 cases of hiccups whom are met in the clinic were treated with routine methods by former doctors and no effect is received after long term treatments. We should not only focus on both lung and stomach, but also the disorder of liver and spleen functions. On the basis of the treatments due to differentiation of signs, we apply new uses for old prescriptions, do confirmatory of Wen Dan Tang in clinical treatment and receive satisfying effects.

Key words: Wen Dan Tang, hiccups

Writer: Hanmin li

Health center of Liuwan, Fazhong country, Qinyuan county, Shanxi province (046500)


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