Gu Sui Bu [1]

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Chinese Medicine Herbs / Tonify Deficiencies [2]

1 TASTEBitter and warm

2 MERIDIANSLiver and kidney

3 FUNCTIONS1.To tonify the kidneys; 2. To invigorate blood and stop bleeding; 3. To heal wounds

4 INDICATIONS1. Deficient kidneys manifested as lower back pain, weakness of he legs, tinnitus, deafness or toothache. Drynaria(Gu Sui Bu [3]) is used with Psoralea fruit (Bu Gu Zhi [4]), Cyathula root (Niu Xi [5]) and Walnut seed (Hu Tao Ren [6]) for lower back pain and weakness of the legs. Drynaria (Gusuibu) can also be used with Prepared rehmannia root (Shu Di Huang [7])and Dogwood fruit (Shan Zhu Yu [8]) for tinnitus, deafness and toothache.    2. Swelling and pain due to external trauma or injury. Drynaria (Gusuibu) is used with Tiger bone(Hugu), Tortoise plastron (Gui Ban [9]) and Myrrh (Mo Yao [10]).

5 DOSAGE10-20g

6 COUTIONSThis herb is contraindicated in cases with deficiency of yin with internal heat and symptoms without blood stasis.

Gu Sui Bu

Image of herb: Gu Sui Bu [11]