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Hu Tao Ren

Posted by: admin on Feb 23, 2008 - 06:55 PM
Tonify Deficiencies

Sweet and warm

Kidney, lung and large intestine

1. To tonify the lungs and kidneys; 2. To moisten the intestines and move feces

1. Lower back pain and weakness of the legs due to deficient kidneys. Walnut seed (Hu Tao Ren) is used with Eucommia bark (Du Zhong)and Psoralea fruit (Bu Gu Zhi) in the formula Qing Wan.    2. Cough and asthma due to deficient lungs. Walnut seed (Hutaoren )is used with Ginseng (Ren Shen).    3. Constipation due to dryness in the intestines. Walnut seed (Hutaoren) is used with Hemp seed (Huo Ma Ren) and Cistanche (Rou Cong Rong).


This herb is contraindicated in cases with deficiency of yin with excessive fire, cough due to phlegm-heat or Diarrhea.

Hu Tao Ren

Image of herb: Hu Tao Ren
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