Treatment of Post-abortion Reduced Menses Given by Method of Reinforcing Kidney, Invigorating Blood Circulation and Resolving Stagnation [1]

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Herbal Clinical Practice / Gynecology and Obstetrics [2]

Reduced menses is probably caused by induced abortion, drug induced abortion. Partial patients not only have the symptom of reduced menses but the more severe cases have amenorrhea or sterility. Because of the trauma of induced abortion operation, blood stagnation accumulate in uterus, furthermore, the trauma harm kidney, result in deficiency of kidney, deficiency of blood, blood stagnation, therefore, the treatment should emphasize nourishing kidney and blood, promoting reproductive function of human body (Tian Kui), reinforcing Chong Ren meridians, making blood sea replete, the syndrome belongs to asthenia-sthenia zheng complications. Reinforcing deficiency is the main method, invigorating blood circulation and resolving stagnation is the accessorial method. Treatment method: prescription: Gou Qi Zi [3], Shan Zhu Yu [4], Shu Di Huang [5], Dang Gui [6], prepared He Shou Wu [7] 10g respectively. Adding Du Zhong [8], Xu Duan [9], Huai Niu Xi [10], Yin Yang Huo [11], ji Xue Teng [12], San Qi [13] 10g respectively if there is lumbar pain. Result: the total recovery rate is 97.1%.

Key words: Reinforcing Kidney, Invigorating Blood Circulation and Resolving Stagnation, treatment, Post-abortion, Reduced Menses

Writer: Jilian Tang, Huaiji Xu
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