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Treating Lung Cancer by Chinese Medicine (Chinese Edition)


Primary bronchial cancer is the most common primary malignant tumor, and the highest morbidity and mortality cancer of all over the world. TCM clinical oncology expert Dr. He shares his outstanding TCM lung cancer lecture with us here. It includes risk factors, pathogenesis, manifestation, physical signs, examination, diagnostic criteria, stages, classification, differential diagnosis, TCM Differentiation and treatment, TCM treatment overview of lung cancer metastases, Chinese patent herbs for lung cancer, etc. This is an integrated class of lung cancer and easy to understand, no matter you are TCM students or health care providers. This is a great lecture with abundant herbal formulas treating lung cancer. You just do not want to miss it!

Screenshot of LungCancer treat

Language: Chinese
Instructor: Yonghe He
Runtime: 73 minutes
Type: Video + Slides + Content


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