Treatment Ideas for Tumors (Part II) [1]

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Treatment methods

2.  Warming Yang and dispersing the cold is the basic treatment approach: Si Ni Decoction, Fu Gui Li Zhong Decoction, Zhen Wu Decoction, Ma Huang [3] Xi Xin [4] Fu Zi [5] Decoction are the fundamental prescriptions for warming Yang and dispersing cold.
   (1) For the lung tumor, Si Ni Decoction combines Xiao Qing Long Decoction, Si Ni Decoction combines Yang He Decoction, Si Ni Decoction combines Qin Jin Wei Jing Decoction.
   (2) Digestive system tumor: Fu Gui Li Zhong Decoction combines with Sha Ren [6], Ban Xia [7], this is the main prescription.
   (3) Kidney, bladder, brain tumors: using Si Ni Decoction, Gui Zhi [8] Fu Ling [9] Wan Pill, Da Huang [10] Zhe Chong [11] Wan Pill, Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Decoction, Zhen Wu Decoction, Ba Wei Di Huang Decoction are the main prescription, sometimes, Li Zhong Decoction is employed.
   (4) Uterus and ovarian cancer: using Si Ni Decoction, Wen Jing Decoction, the herbs including Zi Shi Ying and Wu Zhu Yu [12] are usually applied.
   (5) High-fever cannot be cured or prolonged low-fever is mostly original cold and external heat, we may use Si Ni Decoction, Li Zhong Decoction, Dang Gui [13] Si Ni Decoction, Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Decoction. The occurrence of high-fever is generally the gradual recovering of healthy QI, and the positive signal of the transmitting from Yin syndrome to Yang syndrome, there is the probability that the insidious pathogen may be eliminated from Yang Ming meridian.
   (6) Formed abdominal mass: the primary prescription combines with Hai Zao [14] Gan Cao [15] Decoction.
   (7) Yang exhaustion in Shao Yin phase, it is very dangerous situation, we should immediately rescue Yang qi, using Da Po Ge Decoction.
   (8) If the cold is latent deeply, we employ Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Decoction to eliminate the pathogen.

3. Purgation is the method that cannot be ignored
(1) The purgation in Yang Ming phase is the most important purgation in the whole body.
(2) Yang Ming phase is the most significant channel for the toxicity eliminating.
(3) Warming lower energizer is the appropriate way.

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