October 2008

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The latest updates from opentcm.com:

  • Release of Lumbago with Acupuncture given by Dr. Jinsheng Hu: Professor Hu brings together of his acupuncture practice experience with rich contents and useful skills in his lumbago video class.
  • Release of Treating Lung Cancer by Chinese Medicine (Chinese Edition) given by Dr. Yonghe He: TCM clinical oncology expert Dr. He shares his outstanding TCM lung cancer lecture with us here.
  • Release of Clinical Application of Needling Methods in Internal Classic given by Dr. Jinsheng Hu: There are many needling methods have been described in "Internal Classic" (Yellow Emperor Inner Classic, Huang Di Nei Jing), in which the chapter 7 of Miraculous Pivot has become to the most representative chapter of needling methods.

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