Clinical Observation of Treatment of Internal Hemorrhoid with Bleeding Given by Chai Hu Bai Zhu Zhi Xue Tang [1]

Posted by : admin on Sep 10, 2009 - 02:07 AM
Herbal Clinical Practice / External Medicine [2]

The writer use self-built Chai Hu [3] Bai Zhu [4] Zhi Xue Tang to treat 100 cases of internal hemorrhoid and compared with contrast group (100 cases) which uses Huai Hua [5] San for the treatment, satisfactory effect was achieved. Self-built Chai Hu Bai Zhu Zhi Xue Tang consists of Chai Hu 10g, Bai Zhu 20g, Sheng Ma [6] 10g, raw Di Huang 30g, Zhi Zi [7] 12g, Huai Hua 15g, Xian He Cao [8] 30g, Qian Cao Gen [9] 10g, Da Huang [10] 3g, Gan Cao [11] 5g. 1 decoction per day, adding 800ml water to decoct to 300ml, swilling out the decoction and then adding 600ml water to decoct the second time until the decoction become 200ml, the two decoctions are mixed together, oral taking 250ml each time, 2 times per day, continuously taking for 4 days, observing the effect. As to contrast group, the patients are given Huai Hua San with ingredients of Huai Hua 12g, Bai Ye 12g, Jing Jie [12] Sui 6g, Zhi Ke 6g. The decocting method is as same as above.
Result: the total effective rates are 92% and 62% in treatment group and contrast group respectively. Chai Hu Bai Zhu Zhi Xue Tang for the treatment of internal hemorrhoid with bleeding, actually, it can treat both the “branch” and “root”, soothing liver in order to tonify spleen for the purpose of treating the “root”, clearing heat and cooling blood to constringe and resolve stagnation so as to treat the “branch”, it can utilized to excess, deficiency syndrome, and the complications of excess and deficiency.

Key words: Chai Hu Bai Zhu Zhi Xue Tang, treatment, Internal Hemorrhoid with Bleeding, clinical observation

Writer: Yasong Zhao
No.1 people’s hospital, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong province (526021)