July 2008

Dear Readers,

We have worked hardly in the past few months and now are happy to announce a new website of Chinese Medicine for opening.

OpenTcm is a platform to study and exchange ideas of TCM, it has exciting columns including News, Encyclopedia, E-education, Training Center, Online Testing, Herb Products and Forums where we could share wisdom of TCM. OpenTcm provides the high value information service and specialized products for global acupuncturist and herbal doctors.

As always, we want to hear from you so please feel free to share your questions, concerns, and suggestions with us by using our Contact Support form or by emailing info@opentcm.com.

OpenTCM Team

Important Information:
News - The articles of our News all come from the latest Chinese clinical research, carefully selected by experts of Opentcm, abstracted and translated into English. Updated on a daily basis with the exception of the weekend, please pay close attention to.
Encyclopedia - It is our pleasure to provide TCM acupuncture information and knowledge for both beginners and professionals in this column. You may freely browse to learn more about items of your interest.
E-education - We are glad for providing all kinds of video course, software and E-book in this column. It includes all our TCM acupuncture learning products for students and professionals. It is a step-by-step process to success.
Training Center - It is our pleasure having you enroll international training programs in Beijing. You will find a nice training plan that may fit your expectation in this column.
Online Testing - We provide free online TCM acupuncture testing in this column. You may exercise your studies, evaluate your ability, and build on a TCM acupuncture foundation to lead to passing the license examination.
Herb Products - Are you suffering health problems or wondering how to be healthier? Our natural Chinese herb products may help or sustain good health in you.

The latest updates:
The production of all courses of Huang Di Nei Jing have been finished, there are totally 14 parts, nearly 20 hours, 163 slides. Now we are offering customers 10% discount.
3 Cases Study Through Classic (50 minutes) Video Course by Kevin just released.
Established a new Weblog column, inviting professions come up to publish and share all aspects of TCM ideas and experience.
Established a new Weblink column, collecting outstanding resources.
Opentcm Video Courses have been restructured as four series: Classic, Clinic, Chinese Exercise, and Chinese folk talent therapy.