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The Treatment principle in the Shang Han Lun
published on 09.07.2008, 15:02:45. Category: no category
The treatment principle of Shang Han Lun is more focus strengthening the middle jiao, earth.

The treatment principle of Shang Han Lun is strengthening the middle jiao, earth. The middle jiao and its two organs, the spleen and stomach, are the root of the postnatal and the source of the ying (nuetritive) qi. In addition, they act as the pivot of the entire body’s energy movement. The ascending of the spleen qi and descending of the stomach qi allow for the energy of the rest of the body to flow in their normal pathways. If the body’s energy movements were compared to a car, the spleen and stomach would be the axle allowing the wheel, all the other organs, to rotate which, in turn, allows the car, the body, to move. Thus, if there is a disorder of the middle jiao, then the whole body’s zang fu qi mechanism will be disordered. Based on this idea, Zhang, Zhong Jing emphasized that strengthening the middle jiao is the key in every treatment principle. For example, the most commonly used herb in classic formulas is Gan Cao which strengthens the earth. According to our analogy, strengthening the earth ensures that the axle is properly functioning so that it will be able to move the rest of the wheel. Gan Cao, Sheng Jiang, Ren Shen, and Da Zao all have this function of strengthening the earth. So, in clinic, strengthen the earth should not be reserved for treating diseases of the liver; instead, it should be added to all treatment protocols.

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