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Recovery Case of Postoperative Spinal Tumor
published on 05.08.2014, 05:26:23. Category: no category
Male patient, 48-year-old, he was basically disease-free except many acne keloids on his face. But two months ago, he was diagnosed with thymoma (low malignant grade), and had been given a surgical resection. In its recovery process, that is, about two weeks later after the surgery, he began to have a lower back pain, and then the pain was increased plus the lower extremity weakness with the dysfunction of urination and defecation. His examination revealed a spinal cord tumor. He had a midline approach lumbar spinal tumor resection surgery (postoperative confirmed benign).
The surgery went well. In the fourth day after the operation, his Medical Doctors asked TCM consultation. So I saw the patient in our hospital. His lower extremity muscle strength slightly recovered comparing with before, but had no feeling to urination and defecation at all.
TCM diagnosis: kidney deficiency, bowel qi blockage. Solved the defecation problem with Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the patient responded well, his bowel movement had back to normal after three days, then herbs included: Tai Zi Shen, Di Long, Yu Jin, Zhe Bei Mu Zhi Ke, Hou Pu, Zhi Bie Jia, Dang Gui, Rou Cong Rong, Shu Di Huang, Qing Pi, Sheng Da Huang. The acupuncture treatment, I chose Yangming Meridian and Ren Meridian plus TDP heat lamp for Shen Que point.
Corrected defecation dysfunction, I concentrated on the treatments of urinary and lower limb dysfunction. The two herbal prescriptions had made: the first one was enriching kidney and Du meridian which included Xu Duan, Du Zhong, Rou Cong Rong, Shu Di Huang etc., after 7 days decoction intake plus Electric acupuncture, the patient started to feel the distension in the urine bladder, and had a morning penile erection which had disappeared for long time. Therefore I did change the formula to Wu Ling San. Two days later, the nurse pulled out the indwelling catheter, urine obstruction is relieved, his micturition had back to normal, and he could walk well. Then he was discharged from our hospital.
(1) This is first time I see the thymoma (malignant) and spinal cord tumor (benign) occur in patient at the same time. But it coincides with TCM meridian theory, once the Conception Vessel is blocked, the qi of Du meridian is not usually run well, will be blocked too, and vice versa.
(2) Such a good efficacy result by herbs and EA in the points of lumbosacral bladder meridian.
A good way to tonify qi and blood: first, moderate exercise! Life is movement, good exercise improves qi and blood flowing, and body’s metabolism, so if you are wondering to have a good shape and good looking, you need appropriate exercise. Second, go to bed early. Good face looking comes from good sleeping. Sleep is a good way to make up qi and blood. Third, moxibustion, once or twice a week moxibustion at Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point, this is the big point which regulates spleen and stomach, nourishes qi-blood, supports body’s normal qi, and anti-aging when we moxa it.

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