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Follow up of ICU Case (2)
published on 05.08.2014, 05:09:41. Category: no category
Viewing and examine the patient on the 8th day: his paralytic ileus slowly remission, liver and kidney functions are in the process of improvement, the herbal enema can be absorbed more, the function of anal sphincter is enhanced, have 11 hours ventilator offline test, it was successful. He takes 200 ml thick rice soup each day through the gastric stoma, and has bowel movement once every one or two days, heart rate 96-106 beats / min with his natural breathing, many phlegm and deep coma, weak pulse still.
This is an effective treatment, the herbal enema continues 4 packs.
Chinese medicine decoction for intake: Zi Su 9g, Ren Shen 9g, Dang Gui 15g, Sheng Jiang 9g, Chen Pi 12g, Fu Ling 12g, Bai Zhu 12g, Gua Lou Ren 15g, Xing Ren 9g, Jie Gen 15g, Zhi Gan Cao 6g, Sha Ren 6g (cook late), Da Zao 6g, 4 packs, one pack per day, 100 ml decoction each time, four times a day, inject from the gastric stoma.
Experience: actual liver and kidney failures can be treated through the large intestine.

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