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One ICU Case
published on 05.08.2014, 05:08:05. Category: no category
One 24-year-old patient, male, 4 months after the an accident, critical condition, has been admission to ICU with so many medical diagnosis: acute brain injury, bilateral craniectomy after decompression of the hydrocephalus, pulmonary infection, respiratory failure, tracheotomy, paralysisintestinal obstruction, ascites, gastrostomy, renal failure, liver failure, venous filter implantation.
The patient is in deep coma, depending on ventilators and intravenous nutrition to sustain life. His limbs have no significant activity when stimulating, and light yellowish sputum comes out from suction duration. He has not pass any stool 3 days, and bowel sounds are sparse and very weak, only can be heard on the upper abdomen one area. The abdomen and stomach is bloating and hard, gastric juice flows from the gastric stoma, pale yellow skin, temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, heart rate 137 / min, and I cannot see the tongue, the pulse is very weak and fast, such as gossamer.
TCM diagnosis: Yuan qi deficiency and exhausting, plus qi stagnation and phlegm.
(1) Chinese medicine decoction applies immediately: Zhi Shi 9g, Hou Po 9g, Mu Xiang 9g, Zi Su 9g, Ren Shen 9g, Dang Gui 15g, Ban Xia 9g, Chen Pi 9g, Fu Ling 15g, Bai Zhu 15g, Raw Da Huang (cook late) 6g, Gua Lou Ren 15g, 4 packs, one pack per day, 100 ml, four times a day, inject from the gastric stoma.
(2) Chinese medicine decoction starts from the next day: Wu Yao 15g, Mu Xiang 15g, Raw Da Huang (cook late) 12g, Hou Po 24g, Zhi Shi 24g, Huang Qi 24g, Chuan Niu Xi 12g, Rou Gui 6g, 3 packs, one pack per day, 200 ml, daily anal enema once.

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