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Weight Loss Case
published on 05.08.2014, 05:07:00. Category: no category
A young male patient, aged 21, had suffered from obesity more than 10 years, and he had gained weight very quickly in the last year. He came to the hospital with a medical report that had shown 193 kg of weight. His waist circumference was 145 cm, and calf maximum diameter was 63cm. Clinical symptoms included: difficult to walk fast, fatigue, depressed mood, eats large amount foods, no exercise, severe fatty liver, burning pain in legs when walking. I viewed the case and made a TCM diagnosis which is stomach heat plus some qi deficiency. He had been given acupuncture and Chinese medicine decoction. After 10 times of stomach acupuncture and 2 weeks of herbal treatment in the hospital, I prescribed herbs to bring back home to continue take for consolidating the curative effect and getting more improvement on weight loss. His abdominal circumference was reduced 2 cm, and calf maximum diameter was reduced 1.5 cm during this 2 weeks plan. Of course, the clinical symptoms had been improved at the same time. Thus, we know that extraordinary weight loss efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese medicine even in the short term.

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