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Xinping Health-care Exercises Performed in Tian'anmen Square
published on 11.08.2008, 23:20:07. Category: no category
Xinping Health-care Exercises is one part of Xinping Therapy. It is sutiable for people of all ages and all professions. It is the first time for Xinping therapy graduates to perform Xinping Health-care Exercises in Tian'anmen Square, Beijing, China before the succssful conduction of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game.
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Testimonials from Xinping course participants
published on 07.07.2008, 23:23:06. Category: no category
lets' see how participants talk about Xinping course.
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Xinping Therapy--An Extension of TCM Internal Cause Theory
published on 22.06.2008, 04:40:47. Category: no category
Xinping therapy is an extension of TCM Internal Cause Thoery.
Now "All diseases are caused by mind." is furtherly developed into the stage "All diseases are cured by mind."
Xinping refers to excellent health when you live with Peaceful Mental State, Dialectical and Cause-effect Balance Thinking.
It also refers to the healing process when you help your body and mind be healthy with Peaceful Mental State, Dialectical and Cause-effect Balance Thinking.
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