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Weblog of Kevin Zhu

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The application of ascending and descending; out and in
published on 16.07.2008, 14:17:51. Category: no category
the theory of ascending (sheng)and descending (jiang), out (chu) and in (in), application in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.
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The middle jiao is pivot of other Zang-Fu organs
published on 09.07.2008, 15:18:55. Category: no category
The middle jiao, earth is like axle, other organs are like wheel, middle jiao contral the body's Qi mechanism.
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The Treatment principle in the Shang Han Lun
published on 09.07.2008, 15:02:45. Category: no category
The treatment principle of Shang Han Lun is more focus strengthening the middle jiao, earth.
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