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Hu Sumin

Instructor Introduction: Photo of Dr. Hu Sumin Dr. Sumin Hu, associate professor of foundation department in Beijing University of TCM. She is a council member of Beijing Plant Association; a committee member of Basic Theory Branch of China TCM Association; a professional committee member of Space Life of Chinese Institute of Space Sciences. Dr. Hu graduated from Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994, and got her Ph.D. from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999. She has done or undertakes 11 national and the university’s research projects. Dr. Hu has published 15 medical papers; and joined professional groups to compose, translate, or redact 14 TCM published books; as well as taken part in 19 domestic and international academic exchange activities with her presentations. She is also a winner of many TCM awards.

Courses avaible for Hu Sumin:

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