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TCM Mind Therapy (Headache)

Description: The TCM Mind Therapy is featured by treating diseases when having diseases, preventing diseases when having no diseases, knowing diseases before they happen to you and treating diseases by oneself after knowing them. Treatment of headache with TCM Mind Therapy is great for prevention, diagnosis and treatment for oneself and for others. It emphasizes the ideal treatment of mental state-alpha center. The TCM Mind Therapy for headache is going to activate the self-healing mechanism of body and determine the treatment effect of the key factors, as well as directed to repair the mind of headache patients. It is prominent in the complementarities of TCM Mind Therapy and TCM therapies, also in its scientific value and effectiveness. The lecture of Treatment of Headache with TCM Mind Therapy is quite helpful for someone whom is suffering from headache and someone whom wants to treat headache patients.

Screenshot of TCM Mind Therapy for Headache

Language: English
Instructor: Kuiyang Xue
Runtime: 108 minutes
Type: Video + Slides + Content


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