Application and Development of Acupuncture Treatment in Infantile Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation [1]

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Acupuncture Clinical Practice / Pediatrics [2]

The main forms of acupuncture treatment in infantile CP rehabilitation are scalp acupuncture, body acupuncture and focus acupuncture. With the improvement and development of acupuncture tools, some special ways of treatment are for the first time applied in the rehabilitation field, for example, the small needle-knife treatment applied in the treatment of adult dyskinesia is now also used in the treatment of infantile CP rehabilitation.  In the 1980s, the author applied scalp acupuncture in the rehabilitation treatment of CP and gained obvious effects.  For more than 20 years, over 60,000 patients have received treatment in her hospital. 40,000 of these patients have received consistently systematic treatment. Among this number, clinical results have shown more than 20,000 reaching social-normal standards and have been able to receive training and education and are now exercising professions, thus being fully integrated in to society. Over 20,000 are self-reliant.  The effective rate has reached over 97. 8% after clinical evaluation.

Patients with CP often suffer from handicap with secondary resultant afflictions such as hypophrenia, epilepsy, auditory disorders, visual disorders and verbal disorders and abnormal psychology and behavior. Scalp acupuncture,  body acupuncture and focus medical injection treatment are applied in the rehabilitation of more than 60,000 patients with CP and clinical observations have shown that the effective rate has reached over 80% for the above afflicted diseases.

To incorporate acupuncture theory with modern rehabilitation theory and promote the development of the integrated career of rehabilitation is the orientation. We are working hard to strengthen the basic research in acupuncture treatment, inherit and develop new and modernized rehabilitation thoughts. Based on the research of the diseases with central nervous system disorders, we are strengthening the research in the diseases with peripheral nervous system disorders and incorporating the differentiation method of Traditional Chinese medicine [3], so as to make breakthroughs in the rehabilitation of the above diseases and contribute to the rehabilitation career of the human beings.

Key words: scalp acupuncture, body acupuncture, focus acupuncture, small needle-knife treatment, development of acupuncture treatment, Infantile Cerebral Palsy, rehabilitation

Writer: Xinzhi Guo
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