The Exploration of Prof. Jiatai Qin’s Clinical Ideology of Cancer Treatment [1]

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Herbal Clinical Practice / Internal Medicine [2]

Prof. Jiatai Qin (1919-2005) is the tutor for the inheriting work of the academic experience of the TCM experts, he had been a physician for above 60 years, and was experienced in various fields of clinics, especially, he researched deeply in the cancer treatment.

Prof Qin deemed that the patients who are suffered by the cancer have low immune capability (healthy qi is deficient), therefore, the treatment is decided in terms of the syndrome differentiation and the phases of the cancer, according to the various phases, different places and organs, diverse types of cancers, we use different prescriptions, for example, Zhi Ai Tang (cancer treatment decoction) is one of Prof. Qin’s experience prescriptions, it consists of Xia Ku Cao [3], Cui Yun Cao, Shan Ci Gu, Bai Hua She She Cao, Ci Ji Li, Ban Bian Lian. This prescription is used through the entire process of cancer treatment, plus the consideration of the syndrome differentiation. For instance, the early and mid phases of liver cancer, we should focus on relieving the swelling and the jaundice, protecting liver, the prescriptions take Yin Chen Wu Ling San combining with Zhi Ai Tang. In the mid stages of liver cancer, we need to softening hardness to dissipate stagnation, relieving jaundice, protecting liver, choosing Si Yu Hai Zao [4] Yu Hu Tang combining with Zhi Ai Tang with modification. During the late stages, the patients’ both Yin and Yang are weak and need to be reinforced and nourished, we use Zuo Gui Wan pills or You Gui Wan pills combining with Zhi Ai Tang with modification. In the early stages of lung cancer, the main symptom is cough, the prescription is Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang combining with Zhi Ai Tang with modification, in the mid stages, various Zheng like Yin deficiency, blood stagnation, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency lead to dry cough, cough with pain, cough with sputum, cough with asthma, the treatment include nourishing Yin, activating blood circulation to removing stasis, tonifying spleen, reinforcing kidney, stopping cough, the prescription is Zhi Ai Tang with modification. For the late stages of the cancer, the patients are deficient in both Yin and Yang, reinforcing and nourishing are the key methods, we apply Zuo Gui Wan pills or You Gui Wan pills combining with Zhi Ai Tang with modification. As for the treatment, Prof. Qin persist in the principle that do not change the prescription when it is effective, keep the prescription patiently when it is not effective in the beginning. During the early stages, patients generally needs treatment of 1-2 years, the entire treatment course is 3-5 years or longer.

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