The Treatment Ideas and Methods for Metabolic Diseases [1]

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Metabolic diseases, such as diabetes II (abnormal glucose metabolism), hyperlipidemia (abnormal lipid metabolim), gout (abnormal purine metabolism), hypertension (water, electrolyte metabolic disorders), since there are consistency and internal relations between the etiology and pathogenesis, west medicine and Chinese medicine [3] can treat them as diseases in a same category. Hereby, the diabetes II will be analyzed as an example.

1. The etiology and pathogenesis of diabetes II
(1) Taking too much greasy and cold food;
(2) Lacking of exercise;
(3) Lacking of treatment, failure of treatment;
(4) Intemperance in sexual life

2. Treatment methods
(1) Fire flaming up, constricting and consolidating for emergent situation, using Yin Huo Decoction, large volume of Gui Fu Di Huang Decoction to bring the fire return, adding herbs that can regulate the middle energizer including Ren Shen [4], Gan Jiang [5], Bai Zhu [6] etc with considering of the prosperity and decline of Stomach qi.
(2) If there are symptoms of Diabetes, sense of upper punch of qi start with the place below the umbilicus, palpitation, sweating (rising of qi that knock into the heart), and poor appetite (being hungry but have no desire for food) etc are symptoms of Jue Yin meridian. Wu Mei [7] Wan is applied. If there are symptoms include floating Chi pulse, heaviness of lumbar etc that are symptoms belong to Yang Fire dose not store, Feng Sui Dan will be used.
(3) Shao Yin, Jue Yin symptoms are not obvious, the symptoms of spleen and stomach in middle energizer are evident, or, the patients do not have obvious symptoms but with hyperglycemia, Fu Zi [8] Li Zhong Decoction with modification is employed. The prescription can be used for promoting Tai Yin meridian, consolidating Shao Yin meridian, constricting Jue Yin meridian.

3. Attentions
(1) If the patient mistakenly takes the herbs with function of cooling and nourishing Yin that applying bitter and cold to reducing fire, large volume of Li Zhong Decoction is needed to be used for relieving the effect of failure treatment initially, namely, to rescue stomach qi. For all the consumptive syndromes, to rescue stomach qi is the primarily necessary step.
(2) Kidney qi damage, and the exhausting of vigour, we should firstly rescue Yang QI. Po Ge Jiu Xin Decoction is applied.
(3) During the period of treatment, sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited.
(4) During the period of treatment, most of the patients have more evacuating and defecation with strong smell.

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