Differentiation and Treatment of Hematuria by TCM [1]

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Herbal Clinical Practice / Internal Medicine [2]

Hematuria is commonly seen symptom in urinary diseases. Normal urine does not have RBC or has little RBC (high magnification objective 0 –2), we take fresh 10ml midstream specimen of urine with centrifugation, remain 0.5ml urinary sediment for microscopy. When high magnification objective is ≥3 RBC, then there is hematuria. In mild case, there is increased RBC in light microscope that is microscopic hematuria; in severe case, there is naked eye hematuria. The differentiation and treatment are in the following:

1. Dampness and heat in lower jiao: modification of Xiao Ji [3] Yin Zi.
2. Kidney deficiency and fire: modification of Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan.
3. Dysfunction of spleen to control blood: modification of Gui Pi Tang.
4. Kidney qi deficiency: modification of Wu Bi Shan Yao [4] Wan.
5. Obstruction of kidney collaterals: modification of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang.

Key words: TCM, hematuria, differentiation and treatment

Writer: Yingzi Yang
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