Experience of Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy Given by Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang [1]

Posted by : admin on Aug 31, 2009 - 12:28 PM
Herbal Clinical Practice / Internal Medicine [2]

Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang: raw Da Huang [3] can improve the clearance of kidney, eliminate toxin, improve kidney’s function. Ma Huang [4], Shi Gao [5] (plaster) may facilitate lung and clear heat, Bai Zhu [6] could tonify spleen and control water. The three herbs are applied together, it can diaphoresis, promote urine. Adding raw Da Huang, it can promote large intestine and bladder, which actually is the method of  “opening pores, clearing Fu” mentioned in “Nei Jing”. Additionally, roast Gan Cao [7], Sheng Jiang [8], Da Zao [9] may protect spleen-stomach Qi, benefit the source of produce and transformation. It gathers sweating, promoting and drainage three methods, the compatibility is precise, the strength of the herbs is dedicated, it do not increase the burden of kidney. In clinic, we apply this prescription to treat kidney disease and diabetes for more than 10 cases and get satisfactory effect.

Key words: Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang, herbal treatment, Diabetic Nephropathy, experience.

Writer: Ping Huang, Jingxia Zhou, Yanli Chen
Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture hospital, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (831100)


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