Principles for the selection of auricular points 2 [1]

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Acupuncture Ear Points [2]

Choosing points according to location of affected area:
Choosing auricular points which correspond to the location of the diseased part of body is of basic importance in auricular therapy. Every currently used treatment adheres to this principle. For example, forehead is the major point used for treating frontal headache, eye is used for all eye diseases and large intestine for all problems of large intestine. Two aspects should be emphasized when applying this rule to the choice of points. First, every part of an organ or tissue has a corresponding point on the organ or tissue’s corresponding auricular area. Second, there are points and areas on the auricle corresponding to other tissues of the body, for example, the auricular area corresponding to the lumbar muscles is found between lumbosacral vertebrae and the scaphoid fossa.

Choosing points according to clinical experience:
Practitioners worldwide have accumulated extensive experience during their long-term practice of auricular therapy. The correct application of this knowledge in clinical practice is essential if good therapeutic results are to be attained. For instance, clinical experience has shown that blood-letting puncturing of ear apex can clear heat, lower blood pressure, tranquilize the mind, relieve allergic reactions, restore consciousness and brighten eyes.