52 Cases on Treatment of Anaphylactoid Purpura given by Hypersusceptibility Decoction combining with Wu Cao Tang [1]

Posted by : admin on Apr 25, 2008 - 01:30 AM
Herbal Clinical Practice / Internal Medicine [2]

There are 52 in-patients in this group. All the patients have cutaneous purpura, it is especially severe in both legs and hip and distributing symmetrically, the size is different, it maybe higher than skin and is not fade when been pressed. 12 Cases of them have the symptoms of abdominal pain, bloody stool; 45 Cases have the symptoms of multiple large joint pain; 30 Cases have hematuria and proteinuria; 15 Cases have edema. All the patients take laboratory tests and get natural result, which are platelet counting, bleeding time and coagulation. All the 52 cases are treated by hypersusceptibility decoction combining with Wu Cao Tang and with modification. The prescription includes Yin Chai Hu [3], Fang Feng [4], Wu Wei Zi [5], Wu Mei [6], Zi Cao [7], Qian Cao, Xian He Cao [8], Han Lian Cao [9], Sheng Cao, Huang Qi [10], Da Zao [11], Duan Mu Li [12]. The herb dosage is different and corresponds to age. Adding Bai Shao [13], Xuan Hu, if the abdominal pain is obvious; Adding San Qi [14], Bai Ji [15] if the bloody stool is severe; Adding Qin Jiao [16], Ren Dong Teng if joint pain is severe; Using more Qian Cao, Xian He Cao and adding Bai Mao Gen [17], Xiao Ji [18], Yi Mu Cao [19] of the hematuria is obvious; Adding Yi Mu Cao, Bai Hua She She Cao if with proteinuria; If the albumen dose not decrease continuously, we should add Jin Ying Zi [20] and Qian Shi [21], increase the dosage of herbs with function of promoting blood circulation by removing stasis, such as Dan Shen [22], Chi Shao [23], Chuan Xiong [24] etc; Using Da Zao, Huang Qi if the purpura occurs again. Treatment result: the symptoms of 52 cases in this group which including nanaphylactoid purpura, abdominal pain, bloody stool and joint pain dissolved completely, furthermore, the symptoms above never occur within 1 year. For the 30 patients with hematuria and proteinuria, the period of treatment is longer and the effect dissimilar.

Key Words: anaphylactoid purpura, hypersusceptibility decoction, Wu Cao Tang

Writer: Ya Min Yang, Er Liang Liu, Li Hua Kang, Jia Lin Wang, Bing Lan Duan, Hua Zhang
Zhun Ge Er Qi Zhong Meng Hospital, Inner Mongolia (017100)


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