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The middle jiao is pivot of other Zang-Fu organs
published on 09.07.2008, 15:18:55. Category: no category
The middle jiao, earth is like axle, other organs are like wheel, middle jiao contral the body's Qi mechanism.

Within the cycle of the four seasons, the earth time lies between the end of one season and the beginning of the next; earth time is last 18days from each seasons, the cycle of the four seasons that is due the nature yang qi change from the yang birth, yang growing, yang storing and yang hiding. earth is between the four seasons and  earth affects the yang qi  switch which occurs from one season to the next . so, earth is like axle, and other elements is like wheel, earth contral the body qi mechanism. Because each of the four seasons is represented, according to the five elements, by a zang organ, we again see how treating the earth is crucial when treating zang fu organ diseases. On the other hand, sometimes the middle jiao, earth, qi is already strong, so the actual root of the patient’s disease stems from other zang fu organ disorders. In this case, the treatment should be to regulate the other zang fu organs. Once all the zang fu organs have been re-balanced, then, the wheel, referring back to our analogy, will function smoothly. This will also benefit the wheels axle, the middle jiao. In other words, when the wheel works well, then the axle will as well. In clinic, this principle would entail treating the zang fu organs directly as well as adding herbs for the middle jiao.

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