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Chun Pi

Posted by: admin on Feb 23, 2008 - 07:22 PM
Stabilize & Bind

Bitter, astringent and cold

Large intestine, stomach and liver

1. To clear heat, dry dampness and stop leukorrhea;2. To astringe the intestines;3. To stop bleeding; 4. To kill worms

1. Damp-heat type of Diarrhea or dysentery. Ailanthus bark (Chun-pi) is used with Coptis root (Huang Lian), Scutellaria root (Huang Qin) and Costus root (Mu Xiang)    2. Yellow leukorrhea due to damp-heat. Ailanthus bark (Chun Pi) is used with Phellodendron bark (Huang Bai).    3. Menorrhagia or uterine bleeding caused by heat in the blood. Ailanthus bark (Chunpi) is used with Tortoise plastron (Gui Ban), White peony root (Bai Shao)and Scutellaria root (Huangqin).


Chun Pi

Image of herb: Chun Pi
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