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Gou Teng

Posted by: admin on Feb 23, 2008 - 05:29 PM
Dispel Wind & Stop Tremors

Sweet and slightly cold

Liver and pericardium

1. To eliminate endogenous wind and stop spasms; 2. To clear heat and pacify the liver

1. Stirring up of the liver wind by excessive heat manifested as high fever, spasms and convulsions. Uncaria stem (Gou Teng) is used with Antelope horn (Ling Yang Jiao).Chrysanthemum Flower (Ju Hua) and Gypsum (Shigo).2. Deficient yin of the liver and kidneys hyperactivity of liver yang or excessive heat in the liver meridian manifested as dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision and headache, Uncaria stem (Gouteng) is used with Prunella spike (Xia Ku Cao), Scutellaria root (Huang Qin), Sea-ear-shell (Shi Jue Ming) nd Chrysanthemum flower (Juhua).

10-15 g

This herb should not be cooked for a long time.

Gou Teng

Image of herb: Gou Teng
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