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Tian Nan Xing

Posted by: admin on Feb 23, 2008 - 02:59 AM
Resolve Phlegm&Stop Cough

Bitter, pungent and warm

Lung, liver and spleen

1. To dry dampness and resolve phlegm; 2. To dispel wind and stop spasms

1. Phlegm-damp cough manifested as profuse, and white sputum and stifling sensation in the chest. Arisaema tuber (Tinnnan-sputum and stifling sensation in the chest.) Tangerine peel (Chen Pi) and Immature bitter orange (Zhishi (BL52)) in the formula Daotan Tang.2. Phlegm-heat in the lungs manifested as cough chest. With profuse, yellow and thick sputum and stifling and stifling sensation in the chest. Arisaema tuber with bile (Dannanxing) is used with Scutellaria root (Huang Qin) and Trichosanthes fruit (Gua Lou).3. Wind-phlegm manifested as dizziness, vertigo, ratting sound in the windpipe, facial paralysis, epilepsy and convulsions in tetanus. Arisaema tuber (Tian Nan Xing) is used with Pinellia tuber (Ban Xia), Gastrodia tuber (Tian Ma) and Typhonium tuber (Bai Fu Zi).

5-10 g

This herb is contraindicated during pregnancy. In general, the raw herb is not used for internal use.

Tian Nan Xing

Image of herb: Tian Nan Xing
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