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Tong Cao

Posted by: admin on Feb 22, 2008 - 11:43 PM
Drain Dampness

Sweet or no taste and slightly cold

Lung and stomach

1. To clear heat and promote water metabolism; 2. To promote lactation

1. Damp-heat in the urinary bladder manifested as dysuria, painful urination, frequent urination and urgency of micturition. Ricepaper pith (Tong Cao) is used with herbs that transform damp and cleat heat, such as Talc (Hua Shi) and lactation. Ricepaper pith (Tongcao) is used with Vaccaria seed (Wang Bu Liu Xing) and Pangolin scales (Chunshanjia), or Ricepaper pith (Tongcao) is cooked with Pig feet.

2-5 g

This herb should be used with caution during pregnancy.

Tong Cao

Image of herb: Tong Cao
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