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Extra Points

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-dorsal digiral aponeurosis.
There is the dorsa digital nerve in this area. Its radial branch originates from the radial nerve, and its ulnar branch originates from the ulnar nerve. There ate the dorsal digital artery from thedorsal palmar artery and the dorsal digital vein to the dorsal venous network of the palm.

Make a fist with the palm facing the chest; at the midpoint of stria of proximal articulationes interphalangeae manus of the dorsal middle finger.
Regulating qi to improve the functions of the stomach.

Nausea, vomiting, and hiccup.

Combined use with LaogongPC8 (Laogong (PC8) Ying-Spring Point), ShaoshangLU11 (Shaoshang (LU11)Jing-Well Point), TaibaiSP3 (Taibai(SP3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Primary Point), GongsunSP4 (Gongsun (SP4) Luo-Connecting Point, The Eight Confluent Point), ZusanliST36 (Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point), GeshuBL17 (Geshu (BL17)), XinshuBL15 ( Xinshu (BL15)), WeishuBL21 (Weishu (BL21)), SanjiaoshuBL22 (Sanjiaoshu (BL22)), ZhongwanCV12 (Zhongwan (CV12) Front-Mu Point of the Stomach), and DachangshuBL25 (Dachangshu (BL25)) for treatment of Hiccup.

Usually moxibustion is adopted by using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 5-10 min.


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