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Liver Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-pectineal muscle-lateral obturaor muscle.
In the superficial layer, there are the anterior cutaneous branches of the femoral nerve, the great saphenous vein and the superficial inguinal lymph nodes. In the layer, there are thhe external pudendal artery and vein, the branches or tributaries of the medial femoral circumflex artery and vein, and the anterior branches of the obturator nerve.

Supine position; 2.5 cun laterally apart from the lower border of pubic symphysis.
Soothing the liver, and regulating the functions of lower jiao.

Lower abdominal pain, hernia, and pain in the external genitalia.

Combined use with ZusanliST36 (Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point) for treatment of hernia and orchitis; and with ZhongjiCV3 (Zhongji (CV3) Front-Mu Point of the Bladder) for treatment of urethritis.

Insert the needle perpendicularly to 0.5-1 cun depth; needling response: local numbness and distention, radiating toward the pudendal region; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 10 min.
As exist the femoral artery, the femoeal vein and the femoral canal exist deep under the point, never puncture deeply.


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