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Gallbladder Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-short peroneal muscle-anterior intermuscular septum-long extensor muscle of toes-long extensor muscle of great toe-interossous membrane of leg-posterior tibial muscle.
In the superficial layer, there are the superficial peronral nerve and the anterior tibial artery and vein.

Upright sitting or lateral position; on the lateral side of the shank, 5 cun above the tip of lateral malleolus, on the anterior border of fibula.
Promoting eyesight and dredging the collaterals.

Pain in the knee, muscular atrophy, motor impairment and pain of the lower extremities, blurring of vision, ophthalmalgia, night blindness, and ditending pain of the breast.

Combined use with JingmingBL1 (Jingming (BL1)) for treatment of optic neuritis; with YanglingquanGB34 (Yanglingquan (GB34) He-Sea Point, Influential Point of Tendon) for treatment of gonitis; and with DiwuhuiGB42 (Diwuhui (GB42)) for treatment of
blurring of vision.

Insert the needle perpendicularly to 1-1.5 cun depth; needling response: local numbness and distention, radiating downward; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 15 min.


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