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Triple Energizer (San Jiao) Meridian

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-root of nail.
In the subcutaneous tissue, there are the branches of the dorsal digital branches of the proper palmar digital nerve from the ulnar nerve, and the arterovenous network of the dorsal branches of the proper palmar digital arteries and veins.

Pronate the palm; at the meeting point of the line passing along the ulnar border of the nail and the line passing along the base of the nail of ring finger.
Clearing away the heat, restoring consciousness, relieving disorders of the throat and tongue.

Febrile diseases, heliosis, apoplexy, headache, laryngitis, conjunctivitis, anorexia, leucoma, and infantile dyspepsia.

Combined use with ShuaiguGB8 (Shuaigu (GB8)) for treatment of migraine; with ErmenTE21 (Ermen (TE21)) for treatment of deafness and tinnitus; with ZuqiaoyinGB44 (Zuqiaoyin (GB44) Jing-Well Point), ShaozeSI1 (Shaoze (SI1) Jing-Well Point) for treatment of inflammation of the throat; with ZhigouTE6 (Zhigou (TE6)), ChizeLU5 (Chize (LU5)He-Sea Point), ZusanliST36 (Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point), TaibaiSP3 (Taibai(SP3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Primary Point), TaixiKI3 (Taixi(KI3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source Point), ZhongwanCV12 (Zhongwan (CV12) Front-Mu Point of the Stomach) for treatment of vomiting and Diarrhea due to cholera morbus.

Insert the needle obliquely, 0.1 cun deep or prick; needling response: local pain; moxibustion: using 1-3 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 5-10 min.


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