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Once stopping the Glucocorticoid external preparation after long-term use, the skin produces withdrawal symptoms, diffuse erythema, desquamation, drying, edema and infiltration liquid appear at the local skin that was applied the external preparation, which may coupled with telangiectasia and pigmentation, the symptoms can quickly alleviate when use the preparation again however re-appear after stopping the application, it brings great difficulties to the treatment.

The writer has 61 patients who have used corticosteroid hormone from 26 days to 10 years, the patients suffer different degrees of erythema, edema, dry / scaling, itching, burning sensation, tingling or tight feeling. The patients have given Chinese medicine prescription: Huang Qin, roasted Bai Bu, Dan Shen, raw Di Huang, Xuan Shen, Mai Men Dong, Di Gu Pi, Sang Bai Pi, Bai Hua She She Cao, Sang Ye, Ju Hua, Gan Cao. To modification according to the patients’ condition, boiling 1 dose to 4 decoctions, oral intake the first 2 decoctions and apply the third and fourth to the affected skin, 4 weeks are one treatment cycle.

The external application method: the cooling down the 3rd and the 4th decoctions, prepare 8 layers gauze or 4 layers towel as the wet pad, immerse the pad to the decoction and ensure the entire pad to absorb the decoction, twist the pad gently to non drip degree, apply to the affected skin with interval, 20 minutes a time, 3-4 times per day.

Result: effective rate 85.25%.

Key words: Corticosteroid-Dependent Dermatitis, oral intake, external application

Writer: Weihua Pan, Hai Wen, Shaorao Ma
Department of Dermatology, Changzheng Hospital Affiliated to Second Military Medical University,  (200003)
Department of Dermatology, Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicinev


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